Who are you this Halloween?

What  Halloween ideas do you have in mind? I know …3D is it!  Have your inner artist come alive with special effects makeup so amazing your guests can’t believe there eyes.  That is if they have thier eyes?Muah..hahah!   http://www.morphballs.com/30-new-unique-eye-makeup-ideas/top-crazy-eye-makeup-for-halloween-make-up-ideas-2015/

Are you ready for Fall 2014?

Take a look at how are our “Celebrities” style it up for fall. http://basified.com/fall-hair-trends-2014/fall-hair-trends-2014-winter-2014-haircut-trendsfall-winter-hair-color-trends-fashion-trends-1lznflbs/

Fall Brides for Falling Hearts, The Love Story

So refreshing in the warmth of  mother natures natural colors. Loving, when you can appreciate your beauty in life when the season change. The intimate soft moment when you say… “I DO”. Top 10 Fall Wedding Trends

“Fashion week 2012”

“THE NEW YORK RUNWAY REPORT: FALL 2012” The New York fashion verdict is in. Your grandmother’s closet will be at the top of your shopping list next fall, with a retro mix of florals and lace, knit tweeds and, yes, shawls making the sartorial cut. Chic sportsmanship will be of importance as well, especially when…