Mac Halloween

Here sweet kitten. Or Not!

Love this bad kitty by  M.A.C.   The tip of the nail too!

Call your stylist at Bella Vida and 3D it, for your Halloween this yr.



Who are you this Halloween?

What  Halloween ideas do you have in mind?

I know …3D is it! 

Have your inner artist come alive with special effects makeup so amazing your guests can’t believe there eyes.

 That is if they have thier eyes?Muah..hahah!

Cracked Dollface  makeup

“Spring saving are here”

Take advatange of a great deal with our Seaonal Saving.  Are you getting ready to celebrate a special occasion? Well now is the time to secure your Special Event Date!   Schedule before March 2015 and recieve hair up styling and make up for only $80.00 normaly $150 .00!!                        …

Smokey Cat Eyes to Naturally Nude

“Magic Liner” Lining your eyes is an art form, with many techniques available to attain that stroke of perfection. Having a proper working knowledge of those techniques—from smudging to creating a cat eye—and the right tools to achieve them are all that’s needed to become a master painter.  Smudged Eye What the Eiffel Tower is…