Who are you this Halloween?

What  Halloween ideas do you have in mind?

I know …3D is it! 

Have your inner artist come alive with special effects makeup so amazing your guests can’t believe there eyes.

 That is if they have thier eyes?Muah..hahah!

Cracked Dollface  makeup



“Spring saving are here”

Take advatange of a great deal with our Seaonal Saving.  Are you getting ready to celebrate a special occasion? Well now is the time to secure your Special Event Date!   Schedule before March 2015 and recieve hair up styling and make up for only $80.00 normaly $150 .00!!                        …

“Tangled Web – The Lions Mane”

Men, women and children all want shiny, smooth and healthy hair. Unfortunately, due to hereditary factors, weather conditions, styling products and appliances or other circumstances, many people have dry hair. Tangled hair can be solved relatively easily, but you have to take care that you don’t cause further damage to hair that is already delicate…

” Colored Hair Care”

“The expert tips and products that will keep your new color looking vibrant and longer” Avoid Washing Your Hair at least two days post-dye job, you shouldn’t wash your hair. When you do wash it, steer clear of clarifying or deep cleansing formulas, as well as dandruff products, which will strip your hair of dye…